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Let us show you how a leadership change provides such a great opportunity to take effectiveness to the next level

“While leadership change can be a time of crisis in a not-for-profit, it is also a time of opportunity to take the organisation to the next level of effectiveness Our signature Janus Program is geared to help boards seize these opportunities at a time of high vulnerability”



Janus is a structured program which guides a cause-based organisation through the turbulent period which commences when a CEO announces their departure right up until a competent replacement is on-boarded. Along the way, we help organisations to create new visions, solve old problems, energise stakeholders, as well as searching for and selecting a new leader to take the organisation to an even higher level of effectiveness. There are 4 Phases to the Program:


From the outset we take a deep dive into your organisation. The more insights you can give us the better. We want to learn as much as we can about your Mission, your Board, organsitational culture, management style, leadership team, internal capability, portfolio of programs and current challenges. 


Armed with the knowledge gained through the Discovery phase, we assist you to prepare the organisation to take advantage of the remarkable opportunity it has to plan the next stage of its development. Mission and goals are revisited and restated and an objective assessment of the organisation's key strengths and vulnerabilities is conducted. A determination is made in this phase of the type of leadership that will take the organisation to the next level of effectiveness.


This phase involves the execution of the recruitment process to identify, attract, screen and select a new leader - that special person who fits the experience, skill, attitudinal and values profile we have identified as being critical in taking the organisation to the next level of effectiveness.


We help position the organisation for success with on-boarding support for the new leader and the board. To ensure a good beginning, clear goals are agreed and evaluation processes are established. The result is a future focused relationship between a Senior Executive who perfectly fits the current and future leadership needs of the organisation and a board and staff who are eager to work with their new leader.



Janus is the Roman god of  doors, gates and transitions. To the ancient Romans, Janus held the key to the gateway between what was and what is to come. To us it sums up our program perfectly..

When your Chief Executive departs, we help you recruit an Interim replacement. We then guide you and the Interim through the Four Phases of the Janus Program. Within 6-12 months your organisation will be reenergised, there will be a greater clarity of purpose and you will have on-boarded a great new Executive who is motivated and capable of taking the organisation to the next level.

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