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We understand the challenges you and your organisation face,because we have walked in your shoes

“Our clients tell us they engage with us because of our real-world experience as Not-for-Profit Board Members, CEOs, and Senior Executives – we’ve walked in their shoes! They also value and recognise …”

Our unwavering belief in the social purpose sector

We have witnessed the power of cause-based organisations to change people, communities and countries for the better. To assist the sector to discover ways to even more effectively impact the lives of those they serve is undoubtedly the most fulfilling role we have had in our careers.


From our experience, Leaders and Funders in the NFP sector spend a lot of time and energy on outcomes. Much less time and attention, however, is devoted to examining and fine tuning the myriad of people, systems and resources that come together to generate those outcomes. The question to be asked is are they producing the intended result? In other words, are these people, systems and resources effective? To us this is a critical question to be asked if we are to positively move the impact dial!

Our personalised approach

We are about relationships not simply ticking boxes. A senior Associate, who is a former not-for-profit CEO, is allocated to every assignment. When we enter into an arrangement with you, we do so because we believe in your mission and are certain we can make your efforts more impactful. We genuinely partner with you and aim to become a trusted advisor and hope you will think of us as a resource for the duration of our work and beyond.

Our unmatched sector experience

Advice is provided by highly experienced former not-for-profit CEOs. We have first-hand knowledge of the sector’s unique challenges and opportunities. We have also gained a thorough understanding of what makes, and what hinders, an effective organisation.  .

Our reasonable fee structure

We totally understand that cost pressures not for profits work under which is why we offer a Free Discovery Consultation Session for you to determine whether we can assist your organisation to become more effective. If you decide to engage us, we charge a very reasonable daily fee and do all we can to provide you with value for money


From my 30+ years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector as both a CEO and board member I have seen so many organisations struggle with their most important  objective - to effectively fulfil their PURPOSE.

With so much happening on a daily basis, most of us are hunkered down in the trenches with no time to consider how things may be done better. Let alone examine how effective our current efforts really are.

We can all do with an extra pair of eyes and ears that can scan above the daily minutia.

So, if  you're intrigued by the idea of having someone in your corner helping you to create an even more effective organisation, I invite you to schedule a discovery call with me here   

Best wishes

Chris Gandy Founder & Managing Director, Cause & Effective

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