Why Choose Us?

“Our clients tell us they engage with us because of our real-world experience as Not-for-Profit Board Members, CEOs, Senior Executives and Candidates – we’ve walked in their shoes! They also value and recognise …”

Our unwavering belief in the social purpose sector

We have witnessed the power of cause-based organisations to change people, communities and countries for the better. To assist the sector to find exceptional leaders who can positively impact the lives of those they serve is undoubtedly the most fulfilling role we have had in our careers.

Our values are core to the way we work with our clients and candidates

We understand that every contact we make on your behalf impacts your image with your peers, stakeholders and the wider community. In all that we do we exude passion for our work, display integrity in what we do, have empathy for what you do, show clear respect for those our client’s serve and provide transparency for every candidate we engage with.

Our personalised approach

We are about relationships not simply ticking boxes. A senior Associate, who is a former not-for-profit CEO, is assigned to every search. When we enter into a contract with you, we do so because we believe in your mission and are certain we can contribute to your future success. We genuinely partner with you and aim to become a trusted advisor and hope you will think of us as a resource for the duration of our work and into the future.

Our proactive search process

We treat every search as unique and strive to fulfil the needs of both clients and candidates with integrity, fairness and objectivity. While we search in the more obvious places we also work to find the unseen, connect with the uninterested and reach the difficult to reach.

Our laser-like focus

Leadership Search for cause-based organisations is not just part of what we do. It’s all we do. We don’t have other lines of business to distract us from providing an excellent outcome for our clients.

Our unmatched sector experience

All searches are led by former not-for-profit CEOs. Our immense sector experience has given us first-hand knowledge of the sector’s unique challenges and opportunities. It has also provided us with special insights into the type of people who make effective CEOs and Senior Leaders. We know what the effective leaders look like.

Our unique capacity to source an outstanding pool of candidates

Not only do we know what effective leaders look like, we know where they are and how to attract them. While we utilise the conventional candidate sourcing pipelines, we use several other methods and tools to find “passive” candidates. In addition, we have cultivated a network of leaders who serve as our connectors to outstanding talent.

Our realistic and refreshing fee structure

As past clients of Executive Search firms we could never fully understand the rationale of being charged a percentage of the salary package. This takes no account of the degree of effort a Recruiter devotes to an assignment. Also, since Recruiters, such as ourselves, are often asked to negotiate a compensation package with the successful candidate, it seems a conflict of interest for our compensation to be linked to the candidate's. Instead, our proposals include a flat fee based on the time and resources we believe will be necessary to deliver an outstanding result. We provide clients a fee cap. If we come in under that, you win. If the cap is exceeded, we lose.

Our empathy with and respect for candidates

We have all been candidates for senior roles at one time or another and appreciate the immense frustration of only hearing crickets chirping after submitting applications. At Cause & Effective we make sure that every candidate is made aware of their changing status in the search process as quickly as possible.

For all candidates, our goal is to provide honesty and directness in your job search. We strive to be open and transparent about the position and the strengths and challenges of the organisation that you may enter into. We know that your success is our success. If the position is not the right fit for you, we will tell you.