Our Story

We are a team of highly experienced, like-minded former CEO’s and senior executives of Not-for-Profit organisations. We share a passion for our clients and the outstanding work they do and a belief that leadership talent is the key driver in making the world a better place.

What We Do

We provide leadership search and recruitment services to cause-based organisations seeking CEOs and other members of the senior leadership team reporting to the Chief Executive. We serve local, regional and nationally based organisations and ensure that our clients capitalise on the opportunities present at this time by finding leaders that are the perfect fit for their mission, culture, values and specific challenges

How We Do It

Working exclusively in the social sector we have developed a proven, results-focused methodology that places your organisation’s culture, values and context at the forefront of all we do. We are your true partner in this process. Being actively involved in the sector, we understand the urgency and nuances of identifying the right combination of skills and attributes for leaders in the sector. Our unparalleled sector networking experience gives us the broad reach and connections it takes to find the perfect candidate.

​Why We Do It

Having worked in the sector so long we understand it’s power to positively change individuals, communities, countries and the planet – and we all wish this power to continue to build.

From our experience we have come to learn that there are few true pivot points during the life of any cause-based organisation which can have a positive effect on impact. One is when there is a major program/funding change, another is as a result of a merger or acquisition and thirdly when there is a senior leadership change. It is at this last pivot point that we at Cause & Effective believe we can make the greatest contribution.

Because of the critical role Leaders play influencing impact we believe that all cause-driven organisations should have access to the same level search expertise and service as large institutions, corporations and for-profits. We take pride in providing affordable, professional, high quality leadership search services to cause-driven organisations of all sizes. That’s why we do what we do!

Where We Do It

We believe your cause should not be disadvantaged by its location. Whether you are in Berrigan, Burnie, Broome, Brisbane and all parts in-between, we will do all we can to assist.


From my 30+ years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector as both a CEO and board member I have seen so many organisations struggle with their most important decision – the selection of a new CEO or key senior executive.

Sure, this a tough time for all – board, staff and stakeholders. But if the turbulent waters of leadership change can be navigated successfully the benefits arising from finding and recruiting an exceptionally talented, values aligned, new leader are immense.

We at Cause & Effective with our sector expertise, the right connections and commitment to achieving the best outcome, are ready and able to assist.

We would be please to discuss your leadership needs. We are extremely confident we can help you find outstanding leaders for your cause.

Best wishes

Chris Gandy MAPS, Founder & Managing Director, Cause & Effective