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Executive Coaching

Name an athlete, sporting team, musician, dancer or actor who has risen to the top of their profession without a coach?

Executive Coaching

While the role of a Coach is regarded essential in the arts and sporting fields, the penny is just starting to drop within the cause-based sector that Executive Coaches can also play a highly valuable function in developing leaders and improving their performance.

What is Executive Coaching?

It is a process through which executives are helped to measurably improve their performance and personal effectiveness while reducing stress. The coaching experience is an interaction and on-going dialogue that occurs between a Coach and an Executive that offers a rare opportunity to stand back and to take a fresh look at strategies to tackle challenges. Typical issues to be addressed may be career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organisational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organisation.

OK, tell me more about Cause and Effective’s Coaches

Let’s start with what our Coaches aren’t. We are not consultants, whom you'd hire to address a particular operational or technical problem. And we are not psychotherapists to help you work through emotional issues.


We focus on one thing: improving your performance as a leader.

They do this in much the same way sports coaches work with athletes: by helping you make the most of your natural abilities and find ways to work around your weaknesses. A good coach will make sure you meet your commitments, behave like a mature professional, and otherwise stay out of your own way. These are all things most of us can use a little help with.

Also, we have total empathy with your circumstances. Just as you will not find a world class football coach who hasn’t played the game, all of our Coaches have been CEO’s, Senior Executives and/or Board Members of cause-based organisations. We have completed the journey you are currently on.

The Coach will have no internal links with your organisation and most often doesn’t even live in your community making them a perfect confidant.

How Does the Cause and Effective Coaching Process Work?

We appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are different and some variations may be necessary, however, our standard process is as follows:

• Initial inquiry or contact

• Free Consultation – We firstly have an absolutely free no-obligation discussion to determine whether we can help you with your issues. It also gives you the opportunity to decide if you will be comfortable working with us during this process.

• Joint agreement to proceed.

• Setting up the administration - the entire coaching process is managed through a social collaboration platform called Tracky. This is a great application as it provides a central repository of  all correspondence and resources as well as connecting you to a host of subject matter experts in the Cause & Effective team should assistance be required.

• Assessments – We invite you to complete a Harrison Assessments questionnaire which helps us understand you better and enhances self-awareness that is required for positive change.

• Establishment of initial goals and plan

• Weekly coaching sessions, generally via phone occasionally in person.

• Unlimited email correspondence between sessions

• If necessary goals are refined and action plans modified.

• Fees are paid in advance for blocks of four sessions at a time. This allows our Coaches to arrange their diaries in advance to ensure they are available at times most suitable for you.

How Will Coaching Benefit You?

There are many benefits of coaching and these will depend on the precise form and style of your coaching relationship as well as your particular circumstances.

• It can give you confidence and remove the ambiguities in your position because a coach will help you to think matters through thoroughly. Remember the saying a "problem shared is a problem halved".  This has nothing to do with devolving responsibility – it is all about gaining clarity.

• The process can be very effectively used to identify the skill-sets you need to develop for the next stage of your career and what resources or actions are needed to achieve this.

• You are walking down a road with a companion who has walked that way before. And importantly, we know the potholes and have learnt the shortcuts.

• Your coach will introduce you to resources and tools which will dramatically shorten your learning curve.

• It provides you with personalised “me” time to discuss and focus on very specific management problems that they may not be able to safely discuss with anyone else in the organisation.

• A coach provides you with the structure and support needed to help you make the changes necessary to accomplish your goals. This is done through activities to promote self-awareness, the motivation to change and the desire to raise the performance bar.

• Your Coach cares about you enough to be honest with you about your weaknesses and where you need to improve.

• Coaching builds in dedicated time for you to take a full stop away from the demands and stresses of the everyday office.

• This form of personal development is highly effective and economic. Other participants typically find that the time and money invested in coaching is much more beneficial and likely to have an immediate impact on their own performance and professional growth than equal time and money spent on group seminars, classes, management publications and other personal development tools.


With a results focused approach, you will achieve the predefined goals faster and easier than if you were going it alone. Executive coaching is often the best way for you and your organisation to grasp the nettle of change in today's ever more demanding atmosphere.

CEO’s, Executive and Board members receiving coaching report a number of positive residual outcomes including:

• Significantly higher impact in specific management areas

Stronger leadership skills

• Confidence that they can now create a more sustainable job for themselves

• Greater clarity and prioritisation

• Greater focus

• Improved decision-making skills

• Enhanced creativity

• Improved balance in all aspects of life

• Greater effectiveness and better performance

Why Coaching Works?

Cause and Effective Coaches bring so much to the table. They are your sounding board, supporter, co-creator, confidant and scrutinizer. By effectively utilising this resource you can grow beyond your current level of performance. Also, they create an environment for your success by nurturing you by unconditionally accepting you, continuing to support you in the face of normal setbacks and celebrating your accomplishments. Their clear goal is to see you succeed

What next?

Executive Coaching is a crucial investment for EVERY not-for-profit CEO and probably for every Senior Manager as well.

By tapping into Cause and Effective’s vast practical experience in the sector, it is also a relatively inexpensive way to develop and cultivate the leadership of tomorrow.

If you are inspired to become the best that you can be and want your organisation to be better than just good, we would be honoured to partner with you in pursuing that potential.

Learn more about how our Executive Coaching Program can support you in your executive role by arranging for a Free Discovery Consultation.

Free Discovery Consultation

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