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Touchstone Diagnostics

A Touchstone Diagnostic helps to benchmark your current practices against thriving highly effective organisations and identify strategic changes to improve your social impact.

Touchstone Diagnostics

How is your organisations health?

Just as people need to periodically step back from their busy lives to take stock and review how they're doing and where they're going, so do organisations. While we as individuals usually do what is necessary to maintain positive health and take immediate action if we experience illness, organisations are rarely as diligent. Rather the trigger for action is usually when a calamity occurs such as the loss of a contract, the resignation of key staff or a serious quality issue arises. This, of course, is not the optimum time to discover your organisation has a “health issue”.

For interventions to be successful timing is the key

When working in cause-based organisations as either managers, staff or volunteers we have all observed areas of weakness or “soft spots”. They are often the tell-tale symptoms of larger problems down the track. Staff turnover may be increasing in one area, client numbers may be plateauing and starting to drop, systems could be becoming sluggish. These issues tend to be ignored due to a lack of priorities, resources or knowledge (we just don’t know how to take remedial action). We have probably also witnessed situations where one group of employees is aware a serious and escalating problem but it takes time for management to become aware and take action. This sometimes occurs when client facing staff can see that programs are not working but it takes time for sufficient data to be collected to support this view; this data to be accumulated and interpreted and management to take action and implement an improved program.

It is our philosophy that no issue is terminal if the symptoms are appropriately addressed in time. Of paramount importance is to identify the cause. Specific action is then recommended to correct the problem and prevent it from arising again.


Our Associates will work with your board and staff to perform a check-up of all or any of the 10 Touchstones we have identified as being critical in determining the overall level of social impact an organisation will achieve. We recommend corrective and preventative action using our unique approach based on focusing precisely on the causes of the problem and devoting our energies to implementing a solution.

Upon gathering all relevant data we not only provide you with a clear picture of how you operate, but provide realistic key recommendations to build the best organisation possible within the constraint parameters which are determined by your resources and budget. We do not recommend actions that will not improve your ability to deliver your cause nor ones that are clearly beyond your financial capacity to implement. Our solutions are practical, achievable and targeted.

Click below for a Free Discovery Consultation today if your organisation is displaying any of these or other symptoms of organisational ill-health:

• The organisation is beginning to experience “cause drift”

• Managers are avoiding their responsibilities to master and implement change because it is “all too hard”.

• Staff morale and engagement is waning.

• There is no clear vision for the future.

Marketing is all but non existent

Technology is not being fully utilised as an enabler.

• Delivery programs are not innovative and are achieving pedestrian results.

• Doing the monthly accounts is a continual drama and risk management strategies haven’t been reviewed is ages.

• The organisation is dependent upon one or two income streams.

• The only measure of social impact is the number of clients we visit.

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